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Whether you know CPR or know the signs of stroke, you can save a life. Remember


To help understand and remember BE-FASTER!  we have put a free-of-cost app on the Google Play Store for Android devices, and on the Apple Store for Apple devices. Search for the app name BE-FASTER! Use all capital letters and include the dash and exclamation point. The app does not collect any information about your device nor for the use of the app. 

United Stroke Alliance (USA) recognizes that each year 700,000 Americans suffer a new or recurrent stroke. Approximately 543,000 survive the stroke, many experiencing significant physical limitations as well as emotional and cognitive challenges. For almost everyone, the stroke was not a planned or wanted event. It struck without notice and changed the lives of the family forever.

Sudden loss of balance
Sudden blurry or loss of vision
Sudden numbness, one side drooping - can you smile?
Sudden weakness in arms - can you raise both?
Slurred or mumbling speech
Call 911 NOW!
Emergency Response
Get to the ER by ambulance they know what to do FASTER!

Knowing the signs of stroke can save someone’s life.

Once a stroke begins to present itself, BE-FASTER! and dial 911 immediately - the more time that is wasted, the more functioning a stroke survivor could lose as a result of the loss of 1,900,000 brain cells a minute. As described above, BE-FASTER! represents the majority of the signs of stroke. In short, most people in America do not know the signs and do not respond quick enough to receive early treatment to minimize post stroke challenges. In fact, 80% of Americans that experience a stroke do not respond quick enough because they did not know the signs of stroke.